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Send a Prayer Gift to a loved one

Postcard to God enables you to send Prayer Gifts to your loved ones.

After your donation has been confirmed you’ll receive an email confirmation from us containing Prayer Tracking Numbers (PTN). Each unique personal Prayer Tracking Number (PTN) links a person’s prayer to their email address to which we will send their video.

You can copy and paste or print the Prayer Tracking Numbers (PTNs) to distribute to your Prayer Gift recipients. Remember to keep one PTN for yourself! You can also use the Mail Merge function in MS Word to distribute the PTNs to your mailing list, useful if you receive 200 PTNs.

When they visit to send their prayer they will be asked for their PTN. They will be told to write or type the PTN on the top right hand corner of their prayer. As soon as they (and you!) sent us their prayer containing a PTN in the top right hand corner, we will send back a notification letter to their email address provided. The letter states:

“You are truly loved. We have received your prayer and we will send the video of your prayer being placed in the Western Wall in Jerusalem to you within 10 days. If you have received this prayer as a gift, please remember to thank the person who gave you this Prayer Gift. They must love you very much to have thought about giving you this very unique Prayer Gift!”

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Blessings from Jerusalem!
The Postcard to God Team

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