Why the Western Wall

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the last standing remnant of the Second Temple and is considered by many believers to be the holiest place on earth. According to tradition the Western Wall, also called the Wailing Wall or Kotel is a place where the Divine Presence of the Lord still resides. Believers from all over the world come every year to place a prayer request in the wall.

King Herod built The Western Wall in 20 BC while expanding the enclosure of the Temple. The Western wall is a retaining wall enclosing the western section of Mount Moriah which is today more commonly known as the Temple Mount. A quick internet search will provide you with more relevant information according to your specific interests in the Western Wall.

Why are we doing this?

Our vision is to unite the world in prayer. Not everybody is financially able to visit Jerusalem and pray at the Western Wall. We want to make it possible and affordable for people who cannot visit Jerusalem to place their prayer in the Western Wall using Postcard to God. We encourage people to connect with God in prayer and to be reminded of a specific prayer by sending a Postcard to God.

You are more likely to remember your prayer and to take your prayer seriously when you have gone through the process of writing it down and sending it to us to be placed in the Western Wall. You will also have an everlasting reminder of your prayer through the video that you will receive from us placing your prayer in the wall.

How do we do it?

We have invested heavily into recording technology enabling us to record placing your postcard in the wall without disturbing the people praying. Our advanced technology links your prayer postcard or gift prayer postcard through the unique tracking number to your payment and email to which we will send your video.

Who are we?

The team behind Postcard to God comprises Jewish and Christian believers living in Jerusalem, Israel where the idea was conceived. During the Jewish month of Tishrei 5780 or October 2019 no less than 2.5 million people visited the Western Wall.

Postcard to God was founded to provide an affordable way for believers to connect their prayers to God through the Western Wall also called the Wailing Wall or the Kotel in Jerusalem. We hope you, like us, will experience the power of the Peace of God through prayer whether or not you use our unique “Postcard to God” service.

Where does the money go?

Our aim with Postcard to God is to encourage prayer and to cover our costs. We have stepped out in faith and invested in the latest technology and dedicated people enabling us to process thousands of prayer requests professionally and reverently. We donate 10% of our income after expenses to Holocaust survivors living in Israel. If you want to assist us in our vision to unite the world in prayer, please pray for us and consider donating to help us translate Postcard to God into other languages. Kindly contact us through our website or click the donate button.

May you be blessed by God as you step out in faith.
Blessings and Shalom from Jerusalem, the City of Peace.
(Jeru means City and Shalem means Peace in ancient Semitic languages.)

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